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Find balance

We work with artists like you to help them get grounded in their Artistic Vision so they are clear about exactly what phase of business they need to build from.

Grow your skills

We help artists like you understand how to discover their ideal buyers so they can build their business for those who want and need what they have to offer.

Create profit

We help artists like you create the kind of online presence that their ideal buyers flock to, enabling them to sell without selling.

I Know How Challenging It Can Be ...

…to balance your art with the demands of a business. I spent 30 years as a performing artist, and 10 years in high-level marketing.

It took me years to find a balance where I could thrive as both an artist and a businesswoman. And I understand the secret to making your art business profitable: it all starts with what works about YOU.

I want every artist to have the tools to create a business that flourishes in line with their creative vision. That’s why I created the Art Marketing Type quiz- a diagnostic quiz designed to help you understand the best point of focus for you to grow your business now, based on your unique and current set of circumstances.

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About Artists in Business

Since Artists in Business was founded in 2017, I’ve developed the Profit Canvas , a proven system to help artists build sustainable income online.

I’ve worked with hundreds of creative professionals, many of whom have turned their artistic side hustle into full-time work or grown their businesses to six-figure incomes.

We can clarify what your artistic business needs to grow, and we care enough to help you get there.

If you’re ready for your own journey, we have the tools right here.

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Establish your Signature Story

Establish your Signature Story

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Take the Art Marketing Type Quiz!

Take the Art Marketing Type Quiz!

I'd Like to Know More


Pamela Beer
Alexis over delivers. You get a glimpse of what the program has to offer, but about halfway through you realize, ‘oh my gosh, this is so much more than I thought I was going to get in the beginning. I would characterize her as an overachiever. And this is good news for us.
Pamela Beer

Fine Artist

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Mia Davis
You always hear about the starving artist- I put art on the back-burner for myself because I thought I needed to get a “real profession”. I knew I wanted to change lives in some way and I didn’t see how my art could really do that. After working with Alexis, WOW- I see how it’s ALL possible. I see how my art is valuable, so completely in alignment with my mission, and now I have the financial piece to that to make that a reality. And that is like a dream come true for me.
Mia Davis


Get to know the artists

The Profit Canvas

The Profit Canvas
$21.3MTotal sales 721Artists enrolled
16,042Artists in the AIB Community 98.9%Happy with their purchase
99%99% Completion Rate 10,902Pieces of art sold

The Profit Canvas

The Profit Canvas Mentorship program is our most in-depth, comprehensive program that has brought hundreds of artists in the AIB community the most stunning results in growing their businesses.

From five to six to seven-figure business owners, the Profit Canvas Mentorship has helped facilitate results that go deeper than just positive streams of revenue. It has led to life-changing scenarios for artists including:

  • A deeper understanding of their purpose as artists
  • Online communities of ideal buyers
  • Philanthropic giving
  • Community giving

…and so much more.

The Profit Canvas begins with a Roadmap designed specifically for you and your unique set of circumstances.

From there, you have a set of three “Northstar” expectations you are aiming to achieve by the end of the program designed to bring your business from point A to point B.

You then have a set amount of time to work directly with Alexis in a live-coaching environment while you take your time to focus on only the lessons in the course that are in support of helping you achieve your “Northstar” expectations.

We then end the series of live coaching sessions with a six-month Roadmap session to ensure you have every step worked out strategically for your business growth for the next six months.

By the end, you walk away with the results you wanted to achieve before the program started, a new business plan, and the steps to execute it.

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