At AIB, our focus is helping artists of all disciplines center self-care, honor their creative vision, and build a sustainable income online.

If you’re ready to grow your art business to its fullest potential, you’re in the right place.

Meet the founder Alexis Fedor

“Building your business as an artist is about building the life you are meant to live.”

As a performance artist, writer, and passionate entrepreneur, I wanted to establish a way for artists of all disciplines to create profitable businesses with their art that align with their vision and mission as artists.

So while consulting multi-million dollar businesses on how to increase their online revenue, I created a private group for artists who wanted to grow the same kind of businesses in the online space. From that initial group of 500 artists, Artists In Business was born.

Our mission at AIB is to empower artists to overcome their obstacles to build a life that’s creatively fulfilling and financially secure.

It means the world to us to share this journey with you.

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Meet Founder

“The most direct path to
success lies within your own

Alexis Fedor

With a poet and English teacher for a mother and a painter and sculptor for a father, it was no surprise I gravitated towards creativity.

My parents taught me to lean into my creativity and most importantly, to work hard for what I wanted. In my first dance class at age eight, I was hopelessly uncoordinated and ready to quit. But my parents convinced me that if I was truly dedicated, I could reach my goal.


Art, Business & Real Wealth

From my lowest point after losing my first business, I went back to work and used what I had learned to create a hugely successful online campaign for a major client.

Over the next six years, I worked with clients valued between $2 million and $5 million, helping them grow the online side of their businesses. Working with them, I learned the foundational business principles that had been missing from my first company.

I took those lessons and transitioned my career, and I began editing book memoirs by female entrepreneurs. That year, I made six figures with my art. I finally understood what it took to create a thriving artistic business, and I wanted to share that with the world.

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We are paying back and proud to be supporting these charities:

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A former sexual assault victim, I have supported RAINN as a way to give back to those in a situation that can lead to confusing and emotionally disruptive trauma for those who experience any form of sexual abuse.

RAINN has one of the best networks for sexual assault victims, for which I’m proud to have been a RAINNMaker for personally, and to now be able to spread awareness and offer continuous support through Artists in Business.

My grandmother and aunt were both nurses, as well as my cousin, so I’ve always been sensitive to the deep levels of care nurses bring to the patients they care for on a daily basis.

But it wasn’t until my father was in his last days in the hospital that I understood the depths to which dedicated nurses go to make sure patients are taken care of every moment in times of greatest need.

It was then I vowed to consistently support the Nurses Foundation in honor of the nurses who give so much of themselves and are often the most unsung heroes.

As a woman in favor of supporting and empowering other women, there is nothing closer to my heart than being able to support young girls on their journey to letting their greatness shine.

She’s the First captured my heart with its mission of supporting girls in situations where they would not otherwise be given the opportunity to pursue higher levels of education.

I’m proud to share their mission further by giving back through Artists in Business.