She Started Making $900 Per Month With Her Art In Less Than 7 Months!

Alexis Fedor


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One thing I know for a fact is that when you understand the right principles to apply to your business on both the creative side and the financial end, you can ensure that business will grow exponentially because you are steering it in the direction you know it needs to move.

The problem is that as artists we are not taught these guiding principles and usually have no real practical way to seek them out. This is the main reason I started my own business and became a business developer, so I could learn how to design a business that thrives from those who had the answers and apply that to my art.

I created the 14 Day Art Biz Challenge to share these techniques and approaches with other artists I knew were ready to take the same step I had, and grow their business. There are now over 400 artists in the 14 Day Challenge group, and today I have a story that epitomizes the way in which the Challenge can work for you.

When I held the first 14 Day Challenge earlier this year, I had everyone post their favorite color, and each day I would draw a color out of my jar and held a private coaching session with anyone who named that their favorite. It was such a privilege for me to talk with so many talented artists who were creating beautiful work and wanted to create a sustainable business for it.

Donna was one of those artists. She is a fine artist who makes prints and greeting cards that are such high quality they can be framed and hung on a wall just like a regular painting. When we spoke she was in one of the most compromised positions in terms of being able to grow her business: she had just moved to another state with her partner where she knew no one, she was battling a serious health issue and she didn’t have a job- or any source of income- at that time.

Not an easy situation in any way!

 She could barely keep up with the 14 Day Challenge, but she said she was committed to watching all the videos and completing the exercises as soon as she got settled in her new home.

Three months later, Donna had taken the Challenge three more times, and I noticed she was starting to sell more locally as well as increase her presence online because she now knew more about her ideal client and what her new 12 month goal was for her business. We got to meet in person as I was traveling to her town, and she was on her way to selling her cards on a regular basis.

Last month she became a member of my beta test group for my new course called The Profit Canvas. During the beta group course we spoke on the phone to catch up about how her 12 month goal was coming along, and she told me she was almost half way to her monthly revenue goal already- making $900 per month selling her work!

I was completely ecstatic, and asked if she would mind if I shared with each of you exactly how she enables this to happen using the skills she has put into practice from the 14 Day Challenge, and she graciously said yes!

So if you want to hear more about how Donna did it- and see how you can too- join me tonight at 7pm EST on the live Master Class: Three Shortcuts To Make An Extra $1000 Per Month With Your Art, Now! (Regardless of your artistic discipline). Click here to join, if you have not already, and receive the login details so you don’t miss it!

Oh, and this is one of Donna’s best selling prints- click on it to see more of her work on her site,

I believe artists are hardwired to run the best businesses in the world. Help me prove my belief by taking action and sharing a theme that is integral to your art in the comments below or share a visual on Instagram using #artistsinbusiness and tag me: @alexisfedorpics!