Ep. 001: How To Have Access To Anyone

Alexis Fedor

Access To Anyone- Michael Roderick- Alexis FedorHave you ever wanted to turn the word “networking” on its head to get right to the heart of the matter, which is creating new, dynamic, healthy relationships that serve to enhance your life and build your business with your art with integrity? Then you don’t want to miss this episode, where Broadway Producer and owner of Small Pond Enterprises, Michael Roderick talks with me about how he was able to build his entire business based on his ability to have access to anyone.

Michael’s website, and links:

WEBSITE: smallpondenterprises.com (download the “Hang Out With Heroes” guide here!)

PODCAST: accesstoanyonepodcast.com

EMAIL: michael@smallpondenterprises.com

TWITTER twitter.com/MichaelRoderick


What are your networking phobias, concerns or trepidations? Please share yours in the comments below- I can’t wait to continue this discussion with you!

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