Ep. 105- Alexis Fedor: The Three Factors You Need To Get Your Revenue Streams Flowing

Alexis Fedor

Alexis Fedor: The Three Factors You Need To Get Your Revenue Streams FlowingOne of the main issues most artists have in growing their businesses with their art has to do with their confidence in creating a strong stream of revenue for a particular offer. 

Regardless of the reason, your confidence around what you need to do to create a consistent, predictable stream of revenue (and then multiply that) depends on three factors:

  1. Your awareness of your Why
  2. Your awareness of your relationship to money
  3. Your awareness of your true ideal client for each offer your business has

Your Why Story is the story that motivates you to get up every morning and create the art you create. Where does that motivation come from? Once you can put that into words you now have a clear understanding of exactly what those who resonate with your work are resonating with. It’s actually not the work itself they’re resonating with, but the energy behind it, that motivates people to buy your work or hire you as an artist. So the clearer you are about your Why, the clearer you will be about why people resonate with it, and the value of your work will become apparent.

Your relationship to money dictates the entire financial side of your business. Sure, you do need to understand how to construct a financial plan that suits your personal and business needs and enables you to generate revenue that supports both, but you will never be able to get there until you uncover your relationship to money. This is the single factor that we underestimate the most and is one of the largest contributing factors that causes almost 90% of small businesses to fail each year in the U.S.

Your awareness of your true ideal client has to do with how in touch you are with your Why, and with your relationship to your money, because those who resonate with your work and want to pay you for it are those who have a need or “pain” in their lives that they believe your offer can alleviate. And when they come into contact with that, they are willing to pay what you ask for your offer- price does not matter. Value, reciprocity and trust do.

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