The Artist Who Fixed My Broken Mirror And Her Broken Bank Account

Alexis Fedor

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I recently ordered a beautiful mirror I found online to hang above my bed that has a gorgeous flower engraved onto it. I thought it would look stunning against the dark blue wall I just had painted behind my bed. Little did I know what I was getting myself into, and who I would meet as a result.

Unfortunately, the mirror arrived completely shattered, as there was no padding for it other than a thin layer of bubble wrap and a soft box overtop. I called customer support and the woman I spoke with apologized and had another one sent right away, as well as a pick up scheduled for the shattered one.

The second one arrived a week later (it took a bit longer because of the holiday), in the exact same packaging as the first, also completely shattered! I couldn’t believe it! In awe, I called customer support, and reached a woman who wasn’t sure what to do (not a good sign in a customer support specialist!). She put me on hold numerous times, and finally my call went straight to their survey, as if the call was over. I called back, go the same woman, and the same things happened again. This time I answered the survey questions- not very favorably!- and called back again. This time I was a bit frustrated, as the man I spoke with told me to take both mirrors back to an actual store for a refund. This was his solution? When I told him I couldn’t do that because I live in Manhattan and it’s not practical, he said, “so this is my fault?”

I hung up on him, and called back, with very little hope that I would find a resolution. As I waited with great anticipation for an answer, wondering how other people handle these kinds of calls, and who in the world has the time in their day to deal with this kind of back and forth, a woman came on who sounded grounded and pleasant. Her name was Julie. “How can I help you today?” she asked, and I took a deep breath and relayed my story to her, not without a heap of frustration behind it. When I finished she simply said, “That is utterly ridiculous. I’m so sorry this happened. I’m going to need a minute to figure it out, but I’m going to get it resolved for you, so please hang on for one moment for me.” I did, and when she came back a moment later she said, “Alexis, I’m going to have another mirror overnighted to you at no charge. I have also noted on your account that two have arrived broken, so they need to pay special attention to the way they pack this one. I’m also going to give you my direct line so you can let me know when it arrives and that it is in good condition.” I breathed a sigh of relief and literally said “Amen” to her.

She laughed, and we started to chat a bit. I asked her what she did outside of her job, and she said she was an artist. “I’m a writer, and I’m working on my first novel.” “Fantastic!” I said. “You seem to like what you’re doing here as well.” “I love my job, I take pride in being able to help people. Plus it’s a great character study for me, so it only helps make me a better writer. I’m just not sure when I’ll be able to make more money- my husband left me with our son and doesn’t pay alimony- so everything I make goes toward my boy. But every time I help someone resolve an issue I put $10 into my savings to help me save up for my writing career.”

When I heard this, I knew she was going to be outrageously successful. How do I know this? One, because she already is, simply by her attitude and that she is working on her craft in every area of her life. Two, because she has chosen a theme within all the work she does that leads back to her art. So even though she has to work a “day job”, it is serving her work as an artist. And three, because she knows how to treat her money with care and respect (and is choosing to reinvest in her business with what she makes), which, as a business owner, is more than 50% of your ability to create positive streams of revenue, always.

I shared my thoughts with her and my own story about finding a theme within your work to build your business. I also invited her to the 14 Day Challenge, because as those who have taken it know, this is what the 14 Day Challenge is all about.

I hope to see you there!

I believe artists are hardwired to run the best businesses in the world. Help me prove my belief by taking action and sharing a theme that is integral to your art in the comments below or share a visual on Instagram using #artistsinbusiness and tag me: @alexisfedorpics!