Ep. 116- The Art Of Choosing The Right Mentor To Grow Your Business With Your Art, Your Way

Alexis Fedor

The Art Of Choosing The Right Mentor To Grow Your Business With Your Art, Your WayOne thing I learned very fast when I started my first business was the importance of having a mentor.

When I launched my first company, called Love and Water Designs, I had no idea why my marketing plan didn’t take off, or why my offers weren’t converting into sales. I had a t-shirt company that so many people were excited about and seemed enthused by, but my sales were too low to carry on past the first year.

I had consulted business owners about my business plan, all of whom thought everything “looked good!” But I knew I was missing the mark, big time, and didn’t know what to do about it.

If you know me, or know my story, you may know that I then met a man named Roger Webster who was responsible for bringing me on as his online marketing director for his PR company, after telling me he believed in me and looking carefully at my marketing plan for my first company to see where I had gone wrong.

Roger saw something that no one else saw upon first glance- that my marketing plan did not have a financial plan attached to it to support its goals. This was the sole problem I was having in my business that caused it to shut down.

He then guided me on how to put together the kind of plan that would bring inevitable results if all the pieces were working together properly. And he sent me on my way to implement that plan for his largest client- The American Cancer Society.

“I believe in you!” he said, right before he boarded a flight to Paris, leaving me alone to execute this plan with the vice president of the ACS.

This lead me to understand the importance and skill set I needed to choose the right mentor to grow my business with my art, and help other artists do the same, which is what I’d like to share with you today.

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