Ep. 119- Does Your Why Sound Like Anyone Else’s?

Alexis Fedor

Does Your Why Sound Like Anyone Else’s?I had a specific mission on my mind when I first came to New York City to pursue my passion for writing and performance. I wanted to ultimately work with the best of the best, hone my craft, develop my own persona and technique and honor the gifts I was given that gave me the ability to thrive in the arts. I also wanted to live happily, in the style I could call my own, supported with a beautiful place to call home, a healthy lifestyle and all the necessities I needed to look, feel and perform at my best, at all times. And then, ultimately, I wanted to give back, as much as I possibly could.

Does this sound familiar to you? Did you have similar desires for your own life, and felt it was not too much expect?

Your WHY is the key to finding success in your business with your art. Let’s dive into how and why in the episode right now.