Ep. 129- Alexis Fedor: I Thought I Could Hide Behind A Corset And Hoop Skirt

Alexis Fedor

Alexis Fedor: I Thought I Could Hide Behind A Corset And Hoop SkirtI remember when I was offered to play the role of The Princess in a dance-drama of Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost on Martha’s Vineyard one summer when I had just finished grad school. As a dancer-turned actor who relished the creation of eclectic performance art, I was drawn to this piece for many reasons, mainly because I was going to get to dance a pas de deux with Rosaline in a corset and hoop skirt (who in their right mind would pass that up?).

But there was something about the production that wasn’t sitting well with me: the producer was planning to sell the show without noting to the public it was a dance drama. So when people came to see it they would be shocked to find there was no dialogue, only dance! Everyone involved, including the brilliant choreographer and director, was trying to justify the reasoning behind this, even though they didn’t agree with this approach at all. The producer was clear that she would not fund the show if it was done any other way.

The decision I made ultimately led me to building a six+ figure business as an artist, and helped me help others do the same and I discuss how and why in this episode.