Ep. 130- Why You Can’t Afford To Skimp On Your Vision For Your Art Business

Alexis Fedor

Every artist has a vision for what she wants her art to accomplish in the world.

This vision can often seem like a far-offEp. 130- Why You Can't Afford To Skimp On Your Vision For Your Art Business dream or one that could never come to fruition because it is so large. Yet, it is the most important to bring forward and declare before putting your actual business plan together. Because if you don’t, your business is bound to fall short of what you know your art can really do for you and those it serves.

In this episode I discuss how to mind can be extra tricky in keeping us from declaring our visions and how to get past those restrictive stories to get right to the heart of what we know our art is meant to do in the world, as well as how our businesses can ensure we fulfill our visions one step at a time.

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