Ep. 144- Do You Know How Much You Really Need To Make In Your Business?

Alexis Fedor

Do You Know How Much You Really Need To Make In Your Business?Have you ever sat down to deal with your finances, to really look at where you are right now and where you’d like to see yourself in the next six to twelve months while you focus on growing your business with your art, and found yourself stuck, like a deer in headlights, unable to move forward with what you have in front of you? You were all ready to organize your numbers, understand what you need to do to grow and put a plan into action for the next several months, but you found yourself completely overtaken with some emotional block that would not let you get past the word “go”?

This kind of back-story trance can not only keep us from completing the task we have in front of us but stop us from moving in the direction we need to in order to grow, share and fulfill our vision as artists through an effective plan. The fact is we can’t move forward when we are focused on the past!

In this episode, I discuss how to begin to eliminate any blocks you have keeping you from honing in on the financial side of your business and getting to the heart of what your business actually needs to make- and then actually figuring out how to make it!

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