Ep. 150- The Significance Of Your First Money Memory

Alexis Fedor

The Significance Of Your First Money MemoryOne of the first questions I ask every artist when they enter the Artists In Business community is what their first money memory is. The reason I do this is because there is a significant connection between what you perceive as your first memory about what money is and the relationship you have with it today.

This exercise is one of the most powerful in helping to create awareness around what truly holds us back from making the amount of money we want in the way we want to make it. This is especially true for business owners because it is our job to make money so our businesses can thrive and support us and those we serve on the highest level possible.

As artists we are business owners by default, which is a concept we are not taught, nor given support to understand at any stage of our artistic lives. So we generally walk around creating our work with an employee mindset- one that is set to rely on someone else, or another entity to take care of our financial lives for us one way or another. This of course requires us to show up for jobs we don’t necessarily want to do in order to get paid. Most artists end up feeling frustrated depleted, frustrated and angry because they have no time for their art.

In this episode I discuss how getting in touch with your first money memory provides a direct way to remedy that block and fast track your business growth in the right way.