Ep. 151- The Value In Knowing The Opinions Of Your Most Ideal Clients

Alexis Fedor

The Value In Knowing The Opinions Of Your Most Ideal ClientsEvery time an artist enters the Artists In Business community, I ask them to take the Art Biz Quiz, which is a simple four-question quiz that asks them about their current art business situation. There are several reasons I do this: one, because I want to know how to best serve them upon entry based on their specific business circumstances. Everyone who takes the art biz quiz receives a series of curated content based on their individual answers to the quiz designed to help them increase their business growth. Two, because I want them to know where they stand in their own businesses. Oftentimes having an assessment of what your current phase of business is and what your next best step could be to help you fast track your pace is exactly what we need to get on the right track. And three, because I want to know what major blocks are holding them back from growing.

But there is fourth reason- and one that is possibly the most important of them all- it’s because I want to know your opinion.

In this episode I discuss how knowing the opinions of your most ideal clients will take your business to a whole new level with and for your art.