Ep. 153- The Power Of Taking On The Right Challenge For Your Business Growth

Alexis Fedor

The Power Of Taking On The Right Challenge For Your Business GrowthI’m so honored to have the most brilliant artists in my community- those who are smart, talented and ready to take their businesses to the next level of growth. There are many groups available for business growth, both in the creative arts and otherwise, but very few offer the kind of support necessary for actual results to occur. So the members of the group will feel good about being there initially but then slowly realize there is no real progress being made to the point the joined to begin with- whether it’s publishing a book or gaining financial freedom or taking their business to the next level of growth- so the group then becomes just another “group” they’ve joined, contributing to the mix of tens, sometimes hundreds of other groups, and creates additional “noise” or chaos each time they log into Facebook instead of providing them with a touchstone of clarity, motivation and guidance to reach specific goals, inevitably.

I say “specific” goals because unlike other groups that may promise to help you do everything at once, the Artist’s Profit Plan Group promises to help you reach specific benchmarks in your business growth, one at a time, until you have taken it to the next level without even having lifted your head up. That is the real way business growth occurs- a smart strategy combined with benchmarks to reach and- most importantly- the guidance and support along the way to ensure you are taking the right steps and confident their outcome will be positive.

This is the kind of community that is worth joining- one that will hold you accountable to the purpose it claims it can help you with. Establishing benchmarks along the way to a bigger vision and finding the support that will enable you to rise up to meet those benchmarks is what every successful business owner will seek out in order to ensure their success.

In this episode I discuss how to approach choosing this kind of community for yourself and how the Artist’s Profit Plan is designed to help artists meet these challenges and expectations tenfold.

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