Ep 169- Why You Should Stay in a Beginner’s Mind While Building Your Business

Alexis Fedor

What Value Can You Give Your Most Ideal Client When A Mistake Occurs?When I first started my business Love + Water Designs I was terrified that the marketing plan I put in place for it wouldn’t work. That I wouldn’t sell anything and that whole business would fold, leaving me looking like a complete failure. And guess what? It did. All of those things.

I felt, in fact, like a complete failure. For a long time. I felt like every other business owner was looking at me like I had no clue what I was doing, like would never figure it out and like I was destined for failure forever. Terrible story to tell yourself, by the way. So much so that I couldn’t see the forest for the trees when someone actually did extend a loving hand to help. And then another. And then another. Before I knew it so many wonderful people were reaching out to help me, in various ways, to get my business back together and running. But when you tell yourself you might never see it happen and believe that in your hearts of hearts, it’s hard to hear anything else.

I learned very quickly that maintaining a beginner’s mind, not thinking, staying in action and just doing was the key to getting past the impossible voices in my head telling me I needed to revert back to stories from my past. The reasoning on why you should maintain a beginner’s mind and celebrate small winds is what I talk about in today’s episode.