Ep. 171- Why Having The Right Coach is Essential For Your Art Business

Alexis Fedor

Why Having The Right Coach is Essential For Your Art BusinessMy coach and mentor is Ryan Levesque best selling author and founder of the ASK Method. A method that helps business owners from every industry discover and connect on a deeper level with their true ideal clients. So they can have businesses that serve people, the right people, on the highest level.

I was honored to speak at the very first ever ASK Live event that took place in Las Vegas just a couple of weeks ago. Now I was really excited because I was asked to give a small talk called a moment of inspiration. The inspiration and drive came from a series of events in the past that helped build my business to what it is today.

The bottom line here is that we don’t do this alone. Running a business is tricky. It’s not that it’s harder than being an employee and doing a great job for another business. It’s that the work we do to in order to make it run, successfully, feels like a risk. Now if this is something that you struggle with in your business then this episode is for you.