Ep. 181- Why It Is Important To Understand Your Relationship With Money In Your Business

Alexis Fedor

Why It Is Important To Understand You Relationship With Money In Your BusinessSo I have a question for you, have you been thinking about recently your relationship to money? And sort of coming into touch with what your relationship really looks like. Well, I ask this question because I know a lot of artists in my community are in the midst of doing that right now because the topic has come up time and time again. Mainly because I ask that question when we start talking about putting together a 12-month revenue plan for your business with your art. So there is a bit of a buzz in the Artists in Business community about your relationship to money, what that looks like, what your first money memory is and I’m really quite happy that a lot of people haveĀ been talking about it recently, in quite a bit of detail in my community.

Now the reason I find this so intriguing as well as extremely important as a business owner is because making money, as I’ve said in the past, as a business, is not as hard as getting over your own issues, fears and stories you have around money that are holding you back from actually bringing that money in. Now, Artists, if this is something you struggle within your business this episode is for you.