Ep. 182- How Holiday Sales Are Key To Growing Your Art Business

Alexis Fedor

How Holiday Sales Are Key To Developing Your Art Business

Today, I am really excited that we’re starting off the year on the right foot. I’ve had so many artists write to me and say ‘Thanks so much for the 12-month revenue plan’. If you did not get your 12-month revenue plan yet you can get it right now. Simply text artistrevenue to 44222.

Now, I have another surprise for you today and it’s something I mentioned last week but I want to make sure that as many people in the Artist in Business community get this as possible which is the Artist 2018 Holiday Sales Guide. So, let’s talk about why this is so important for a moment. One of the greatest challenges every single business owner has who’s not as prepared as they should be is that when holidays come around they don’t have an offer. They don’t have a special offer to give to their ideal clients. Now, this becomes a problem because number one the holidays are the best time of the year to have special offers for your ideal clients. Not because you’re trying to be manipulative or sleazy around the holidays. Not because you’re trying to make a fast buck but because simply people are ready to buy from you at holidays. They want to give and they want to receive. If holidays sales is an issue in your business then this episode is for you.