Ep. 183- Why Being In The Right Shape Is Key To The Success Of Your Art Business

Alexis Fedor

Why Being In The Right Shape Is Key To The Success Of Your Art BusinessToday, I have to address something that has been the biggest eureka moment in my life so far in this year 2018. Now we’re only 2 weeks into the year so there is time for aha moments to occur but this one, in particular, I’m so grateful for. I woke up and thought “Oh my gosh, this is such an incredible feeling’ and I really wanted to share this with you because it relates so deeply to growing our businesses as artists.

So right before the holidays, most of you know, that in the year 2017 I was faced with multiple challenges personally. Just on a personal level, my father passed away and enough said, there was enough there for me to deal with in my personal/family life and what that did was it forced me to pivot in the way in which I approached my business and in the way I approached my whole life in general. It was a challenging year. One thing I noticed was by the end I was pretty much kind of forcing myself to keep on going. And I had to stop for a second and say ‘I know what the problem is I am completely and totally out of shape.’ Now I know that sounds like “well you were out of shape so what was the big deal?’ But I will tell you what the big deal is. I’m, as a dancer, usually in pretty good shape only because I constantly need to be moving my body. For me, when I’m moving and I’m in my physical body more so then my head that is the time where the magic starts to happen in my life. Now if this is something that resonants with you, Artists, then this episode is for you.