Ep. 184- How To Negotiate For Time & Money To Be On Your Side

Alexis Fedor

How To Negotiate For Time & Money To Be On Your SideOne of the hardest points of my career in online marketing and as a consultant, so many of you know as an artist my goal was to learn how to run a successful business as an artist and help other artists to do the same because I knew in my heart of hearts, number one it couldn’t be that hard and number two that we needed to do this. Because as artists we are business owners by default and then no one really teaches us the skills, the skill-set and the tools to understand how to run our businesses. So I was coming to a standstill all too often and working these day jobs that did not coincide at all with my business as an artist and I wanted to put a stop to that.

I had a short-lived career as an online marketing consultant because I learned online marketing, I started my own business online that failed miserably within the first 12 months because I didn’t know what I was doing in terms of combining my revenue goal with my marketing plan. So I worked with a mentor who showed me exactly what I was doing wrong, how to fix that and I started consulting to practice what I had learned from him on his clients, who included, the American Cancer Society, Central Park & Servancy, Fund For Park Avenue, Lenox Hill Hospital. I was the online marketing consultant for those accounts that were his. I then segued into consulting for some of my own personal clients and as I did that and moved away from my mentor’s business I realized I was now in position where I was going to need to negotiate my own contract and the best thing in the world and the worst thing at the same time happened when this hit me. Artists, if this intrigues you then listen to this episode to learn more.