Ep. 185- Why Identifying Your Purpose Will Help Create A Prosperous Business With Your Art

Alexis Fedor

What Really Makes A Buyer Decide To “Wait”All artists are business owners by default. We just are all not always aware of that because there is zero to little emphasis placed on the fact that as artists in our society at this point in time we are business owners. We are looked at as freelancers by the IRS, we have write-offs just like business owners do and we are expected to figure out on our own how to create and maintain a career that is sustainable otherwise we have to fend for ourselves by getting other jobs, by finding work that takes away from the career path we know we’re meant to take. Now there’s somewhat of an illusion that people who make it to the “top” meaning “spotlight” there’s a perception there are very few spots available at that “top”. When really when we sit down and look at the reality we realize in our heart of hearts that that is just an illusion. There is no such thing as the top of the top, there’s simply where we are, our own space and how we choose to fill that space that we are meant to fill in this world and that in of itself can lead us to equal levels if not more so success then those at the “top” that we perceive are doing so well and so much better then everybody else.

But that aside, it occurred to me and it occurs to me pretty much on a daily basis, with talking to and working with the incredible artists in the Artists in Business community and how blessed I am on a daily basis to be surrounded by such beautiful artistic minds and talent that there is, in fact, a disconnect between the confidence to take your business in your own hands and put that out into the world with a sense of empowerment and the actual work you do. Now, artists if this is something that you have experienced then this episode is for you.