Ep. 188- What You Need To Understand About Tech To Build Your Business

Alexis Fedor

What You Need To Understand About Tech To Build Your BusinessI have a really special topic to cover today and that is simply tech. I have a number of artists taking the Profit Canvas course right now and they’re in the phase of the course where they’ve gone through all the course material. They are well on their way to getting their businesses, not only to the next level, but some of them have leap-frogged several levels ahead of where they anticipated they could ever be when they started the program. It’s very exciting to see this whole process take place right before my eyes. Some of the artists have continuity programs going that are going to bring them six-figures before the end of this year. Other’s have made just incredible progress in terms of confidence, sales and in knowing exactly what they need to do next. There has been much progress in terms of building their lists, bringing in new clients. It is just so incredible.

The biggest problem that I believe about 90% face as they are moving through all these new systems, thought processes and ways of approaching the plans for their business is tech. This is not surprising because tech is ever evolving faster then we can ever keep up with. It is not natural for us to understand right out of the gate how all the tech pieces work. It’s not possible, in the beginning, to understand how all these different software platforms work together to keep our businesses alive and functioning online. It also really hard to tell in the beginning what software platforms you actually need for your business. Artists, if this something you struggle with your business then this episode is for you.

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