Ep. 195 – Why Stepping Away From Your Business This Time Of Year Is Counterproductive

Alexis Fedor

Why Stepping Away From Your Business This Time Of Year Is CounterproductiveThe theme that I want to focus on for today in particular as we enter the month of February in the year 2018 is one of my favorite topics. It goes straight to the heart and comes directly from the heart. It allows for you to really share whats in your heart with those you’re meant to serve in your business with your art. So the biggest question that comes up right around this time of year is how do I deal with my own resistance around growing my business? It is one of the challenging times of the year where in January and leading into February everyone starts to feel defeated. No matter what kind of success you’re having, no matter what kind of leaps you’ve made in your business. For whatever reason, this time of year makes it hard to see the progress your making and it makes it all the more tempting and seductive to step away. You say hold on a second I need to take some time out to figure out what’s happening. You stop to take care of yourself which, of course, is important at all times but what ends up happening in that space at this time of year, in particular, is an inclination to put the most important parts of your business on hold because they’re so challenging. For several years I went through this and every single year I would say to myself how in the world am I going to stop doing this? How am I going to stop stopping myself? Artists if this is something that you relate to you then this episode is for you.