Ep 200 – How To Stay Motivated In Your Business This Time Of Year

Alexis Fedor

Why Stepping Away From Your Business This Time Of Year Is CounterproductiveThis past week a post from the Artists in Business Facebook group immediately caught my attention. It was from Jamillah and it simply said: “I have no motivation, what’s the point?” Now the reason this stood out to me is that Jamillah was brave enough to share what most creative business owners are afraid to admit their feeling this time of year because the feeling is not only common but it’s universal. There’s a specific reason we all begin to feel tired, less motivated, introspective and quite frankly less hopeful about the road ahead of us during the month of March. It’s the same reason that most New Year’s Resolutions fall by the wayside during this month. That reason is our brains are not capable of staying motivated about a goal that is set past 3 months. When we set goals or expectations for ourselves, if we don’t reevaluate and reset them every 3 months our brains will begin to disregard them and we will feel at a loss about what to do next. This is one of the main reasons our financial system on a quarter system. It’s necessary for a business to reevaluate progress every 3 months to be sure they’re on track with what they’ve set out accomplish.

So how do you reevaluate and reset your goals in a way that gets you not only back on track but feeling more energized, driven and motivated then you had before. Now if this is something that you would be interested to learn more about please listen to this episode.

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