Ep. 220 – Are You Ready To Start A Meaningful Relationship With Your Potential Clients?

Alexis Fedor

Are you ready to start a meaningful relationship with your potential clients, or are you still looking for a one-night stand?

When you meet someone you can foresee you have something in common with, and you want to pursue a relationship with them, whether it’s a friendship or other, you definitely take the time to get to know that person and begin to share parts of yourself with them that relate to what you most have in common.

Similarly, in your art business, you want to begin a quality relationship with your ideal clients by sharing with them what you most have in common: your art!!

However, it’s not just your art that you want to share with them- that actually comes much later- it’s the reason you create your art that is of most interest to them, which can be found within your Why Theme.

LAST WEEK you had a chance to create a question for your potential clients, in relation to your Why Theme, that goes one step past your Opening Line.

(Did you miss last week’s exercise, along with the Why Theme and Opening Line exercises? If so, go to them now:
CLICK HERE for last week’s question exercise
CLICK HERE for Why Theme 
CLICK HERE for Opening Line)

THIS WEEK I’m challenging you to SHARE your Why Theme question via social media as a test to see what reactions you may receive from your audience!

The exercise is to share your question on whatever social media channel you use most (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc) and paste the link to your post in the comments below!!

There is no better time than the present to take action and test this, and you have absolutely nothing to lost and everything to gain by taking this step.

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