Ep. 222 – Why It Is Important For Money From Your Art To Be Revenue For Your Business

Alexis Fedor

Why Stepping Away From Your Business This Time Of Year Is CounterproductiveWhy you need to be a 6-figure artist in order for your business to thrive for the long-term! (and what that even means..!)

I wanted to share a story of a friend of mine and how he learned this lesson.

When I was just out of undergrad, I was 22 years old and a good friend of mine had just got cast in a Steve Martin film. Now, this was a huge win for him as he had been training and auditioning for quite some time. His salary from the film was over $100,000. Instead of looking at that salary as money for his art and work as a business he rather perceived it all for himself. Because of this within 8 months all of it was all gone. 

He bought expensive items and believed that his next gig was right on the horizon. What happened to him though was he ended up back at square one with nothing!

When this happened to him I thought to myself “No way did I want that to ever happen to me!”

But I still ended up having to learn this lesson the hard way. 

I will be sharing more of my story next week on what I did the first time I made 6 figures in my business but for now, if you could share in the comments below the Facebook Live video on how much do you think you would need to make in order for you to feel like you were on the right track? 

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