Ep. 223 – The Important Factor You Need To Conquer To Create A Sustainable Business With Your Art

Alexis Fedor

Why Stepping Away From Your Business This Time Of Year Is CounterproductiveDid you know that there was something more important that you needed to conquer before you actually begin to make 6 figures as a business owner?

That thing that you need to conquer or have an awareness of is what I want to share with you today.

Last week I was talking about the significance of making 6-figures as an artist in business, especially on the online space.

Now to clarify more on this, when we speak about making 6-figures this does not mean that you personally have made that amount. What we mean is that your business made 6-figures and can now afford to pay you a salary from that 6-figures.

For those of you just starting out, you might be thinking I just made my first $1,000 what does that mean for me?

It is a little bit different when you are just starting out. When you make your first $1000 what you need to look at is, how much do you need to take out of that and what is the bare minimum you can use out of what you made to reinvest to duplicate your results?

This is what you want to do to begin to build your business and have a snowball effect.

Now the question is what is the hardest part when you first make this money? Is it actually making that amount of money or what happens to you when that money comes to you for the very first time?

I started sharing a bit of my story of what happened when I made my first 6-figures as a consultant and an online marketing strategist.

If you missed that story then to hear about it just CLICK HERE!

When I made my first 6-figures I should have been excited but what happened was I ended up being in shock. I become like a deer in headlights.

I was unsure why I was so uncomfortable with the fact that I made this amount of money but I had the urge to use that money to help me grow even further. I wanted to hire a coach to assist me with this growth.

What ended up happening was that I found a coach that was not the best fit for me at that time and charged more than I was able to afford to pay at that time. She charged $34,000 to work for her for the year.

You might be thinking who in the world spends that much to work with a coach? Now big companies that make multiple 6-figures or millions in their business do hire coaches for that amount because they can afford to and make back the cost right away.

Now when l went back through my revenue and was figuring out what I had done I realized by giving away that $34,000 to this coach brought my revenue down to exactly what my parents made when I was growing up as teachers combined.

Next week I want to dive further into the lesson I learned from this in the meantime in the comments below the video let me know when you sit with the amount of money you envision yourself making in your business, how does it make you feel?

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