How To Eliminate Competition To Grow Your Business

Alexis Fedor

I recently posted a Daily Art Bite on my Facebook page with this quote from Georgia O’Keefe:

“To create one’s own world, in any of the arts, takes courage.”

So many of you responded to it so favorably that it reminded me how important the Blue Ocean Strategy can be for every artist and every business owner, so much so that I wanted to share it with you today as a follow up to Georgia O’Keefe’s words that resonated with you so deeply.

The Blue Ocean Strategy is a practice developed by Renée Mauborgne and W. Chan Kim about how to make competition irrelevant by creating your own, uncontested market space with your business. It is truly the single most compelling perspective I have ever taken in my life as an artist and business owner, so much so that I attribute the entire life force of my business to it.

Here is a quote from the Blue Ocean Strategy book that I feel best encompasses the entire meaning behind the strategy:

The only way to beat the competition is to stop trying to beat the competition. In Red Oceans, the industry standards are defined and accepted, and the competitive rules of the game are known. In Blue Oceans, competition is irrelevant because the rules of the game are waiting to be set. The creators of Blue Oceans, surprisingly, didn’t use the competition as their benchmark. Instead of focusing on beating the competition, they make the competition irrelevant by creating a leap in value for buyers and your company, thereby opening up new market space.

Can you relate to this as an artist? Can you see yourself applying this to your relationships? Does having a business based in this approach feel appealing to you?

In order to create the work we are meant to create in the world, with our personal level of integrity, vision and intuition, we must remain strong in our individuality. In order to create a business with our art that does not take away from our vision or strip us of our ability to feel creatively free, we must remain strong in our personal foundations. No two businesses are alike, just like no two pieces of art could ever be alike. Both require us to separate ourselves from the “pack”. Both require an incredible amount of clarity and courage to step into what feels like foreign territory but in reality is simply our own essence. Staying in touch with our essence is what the Blue Ocean Strategy reminds us to do.

How do you think this approach, when applied to any aspect of your life, could make a difference in the way you design your work, your business or the way in which you behave in the world at large? There is no answer too large or too small for this, as often the smallest concerns lead to the biggest revelations. So please, share yours in the comments below.