Who Is Your True Ideal Client? The Truth, Revealed…

Alexis Fedor



I was talking last night with Jennifer, one of the members of The Profit Canvas Vision Group- a private group for those who have taken The Profit Canvas course and are committed to fulfilling their 12-month profit goal for their business growth- and I told her there were three major patterns that had emerged from the artists who have taken The 14-Day Art Biz Challenge, one of them being not understanding the importance of your financial plan to your business growth. That was the topic of our discussion for the evening.

But at the end Jennifer asked me what the other two patterns were, and I told her: not knowing how to put together a marketing plan that is supported by a solid financial plan and, perhaps the most important of all, not truly knowing who your most ideal client is for a specific offer.

I found that artists, more so than other business owners I’ve worked with, tend to think they know who their ideal client is but when I was able to dig deeper to see why they were not seeing results in their business plans it mainly came down to the fact that they actually thought they knew who their ideal client was but in fact they were just guessing based on their own assumptions, not actual facts.

This had led them to think their friends and family and those who were fans of them as artists were their ideal clients, instead of those who actually resonated with their work FIRST, and them second. Those who resonate with your work FIRST are your true ideal clients, and mistaking them with those who support you as a person was one of the biggest roadblocks holding them back from growing their profits.

There is an exact way to figure out who your most ideal clients are as well as why they resonate with your work and gathering that data is crucial to creating a marketing plan that brings inevitable, measurable consistent results.

I’ve used this some very specific methods with my business clients when I created marketing plans for them that enabled me to not only reach more of their ideal clients but to uncover what exactly those potential clients both needed and wanted that my clients were able to offer. This, in turn, led to my creating the kinds of campaigns that not only brought many new sales in but created repeat clients because we created such a deep trust in the way in which they were taken care of while receiving the what they were so in need of before they even knew it themselves.

Because I know this is a challenge to figure out how to do in the beginning, I’ve since added a special section to the 14 Day Art Biz Challenge that enables each artist who takes it to begin making contact with their most ideal clients from day 1 and then reaching them- in some cases making sales- and gathering the insight they need to gain a real understanding of who their ideal client really is.

The 14-Day Challenge will be coming up again soon, so keep an eye out for info on that if you’d like to take advantage of this crucial part of reaching your true ideal client.

But in the meantime, you can start by asking at least five people you THINK are your most ideal clients what is it they resonate with the most in your art. If their answer is more about you than your art, then you know they’re simply a fan of yours, but maybe not your ideal client. If their answer is about your art itself, then you know they are likely a true ideal client.

Would you like a chance to work with me one-on-one to uncover your true ideal client? If so, reply with a YES in the comments below this post and you will be entered to win a special one-on-one ideal client mastery session with me during the next 14-Day Art Biz Challenge.

Here’s to your business with your art, your way!