How What You Don’t Know About Marketing Your Art Can Bring You Immediate Profit Growth!

Alexis Fedor

When I started my first company as an artist, I was so excited- I had all my ducks in line, people excited about it and my offer ready to sell. There was only one piece of the puzzle I didn’t have in place- and it cost me my entire business.

Watch this video and see how I learned that I needed to value the act of marketing with integrity and heart or else my business would not survive- and how I used that lesson to get right back up and start fresh, to the tune of a new, very successful business.

Now I’d like to hear from you- what part of marketing your work as an artist has you tripped up? What would you like to know more about in this area? Leave your reply in the comments below so we can have a dialogue about how you can create a simple, powerful marketing plan unique to your work as an artist you can feel beyond proud of, and lift up everyone around you in the process!