How Organization Can Become Your Friend, And Grow Your Business With Your Art, Your Way

Alexis Fedor

Photo Credit: Willy Somma


So it’s 6:30pm, time for dinner, or for some of you listening it’s time to start a night job or perhaps some freelance work you have waiting for you after a full day at work. Or perhaps you’re working on making dinner for yourself and your family, thinking about how you’d like to relax for the rest of the night but knowing you have work to do, still.

As an artist and business owner, whatever you have on your plate, now is the perfect time of day to pause for a moment and assess what kind of organizational system you can put in place for yourself to make your work more enjoyable as well as save you as much time as possible to do what you need to replenish and be at your best.

In The Profit Canvas course, I have a section on Organization, which I know firsthand is by far the most important section of the whole course. Most people who take it skip over that section or take it lightly in comparison to the rest. But I tell them and promise them from the start that if they take that one seriously it will not only help them run their businesses more efficiently, but it will change their lives.

Do you ever wonder how a business owner can fit all the decisions, tasks, projects, meetings and calls they need to make into one day? Some of it requires sheer motivation and grit.. but some of it- a large portion, at that- requires a fundamental sense of organization that leads to ease, flow and joy in what they’re doing every step of the way. The mind is at ease, not in the way, and action is flowing through them into the work they produce.

This is what you can create for your business with your art starting right now. I challenge you to pause to consider how you can make one thing easier for yourself in your day that also helps to grow your business. Now is the perfect time of day to do that, so give it a go and please feel free to share in the comments below what your ah-ha moment was when you took your pause.

I look forward to hearing from you, as your sharing can help more people than you realize. So please let us know… we’re pausing to listen!