Pricing Your Offers As An Artist = Expressing Your Self-Worth

Alexis Fedor

Does the thought of pricing your work as an artist give you anxiety? Do you struggle with how to do it to the point that you find yourself avoiding it altogether?

I used to avoid pricing my offers entirely out of fear that I might charge too much, too little or not have a clue as to what I was doing and never make a sale or get hired as a result. So, as a performer, I used to leave my pay options up to the people hiring me, which meant doing A LOT of shows for free.

What I didn’t understand was that pricing my offer- whether as a dancer, actor or writer- meant I was committed to investigating my value as an artist. It meant taking the time to carefully consider what I was willing to give in exchange for compensation that matched the value my work would provide to any given circumstance. This lead me to be able to eliminate competition from the equation and price my work based on what I knew it was worth. And guess what?? My clients ALL agreed!

It took a while for me to learn this lesson, but when it finally kicked in, I began running a sustainable business and have never looked back.

The best part? I learned this lesson from a most unexpected source… Watch the video to see what finally drove the point home for me!


Do you struggle with pricing your own offers as an artist? What is your biggest obstacle when it comes to pricing your work? Leave your answer in the comments below!