Ep. 174- How Hiring The Right People To Assist On The Tech Side Can Be Beneficial To Your Business

Alexis Fedor

How Hiring The Right People To Assist On The Tech Side Can Be Beneficial To Your Business I have a question for every artist, of every discipline listening to this episode today. Do you feel like you are in tech hell? Do you feel like your entire business rests on the notion of you being able to overcome your tech learning curve? That honestly feels like it will likely never happen. I have to tell you if that is the case, first of all, you are definitely not alone. And secondly, I want to tell you a story of what happened to me as I was starting my business. The one that you are witnessing right now, Artists in Business, in the very beginning.

When I first started Artists in Business, I knew that I needed to learn a lot about tech. Now I’ll preface by saying that I was in the midst of creating my first 6 figure business was a consulting company where I created online marketing campaigns for business worth between 2 to 5 million dollars. I also worked on the business development side of the businesses, where I would help businesses understand who their most ideal client were and do market research to connect with the right clients to pass on to their sales team so they could make more sales. This was a really fulfilling job for me.

Now when I transitioned from consulting to working on just this company full-time, Artists in Business suddenly I realized, oh no I do not have that team in place for myself. I am going to have to learn how to do this for myself. The first thing that artists need to understand, as I’ve learned, for myself and in also in working with hundreds of artists at this point is that you actually should be hiring people to help you with the tech side of things unless it is your forte. Unless it’s something you love to do and it is a strength of yours. If it is not then you should be hiring out. Now if this is something you struggle in your art business then this episode is for you.