How To Strike Gold With Your Art, Now! (Not Later!)

Alexis Fedor

Golden Egg in Nest with Thousands of Dollars on Table.

Have you ever felt like the whole world was ahead of you in terms of your business with your art, as if you will never get ahead financially, no matter what you do to change your situation?

So often this seems like the part that there is never enough time for in the day. It doesn’t feel right to keep focusing on financials when you aren’t making art just to make money. So this catch 22 leaves you feeling like there is no good answer. But then you watch certain artists who seem to have this figured out, they’re making money and really seem to be flying in their business and creativity and you think how can I get there?

Yesterday I was talking with Kim, an artist who has taken the 14-Day Challenge a couple of times now, and has contributed so much to the group by sharing her progress. She has recently taken my course, The Profit Canvas, and is in a place where her business is beginning to really take shape. In fact, the growth I see happening for her is crystal clear. On our call, we talked about how strange it feels to know your own worth as an artist, and what you want to contribute with it to the world, but to not have that financial piece in place in the way you know it could be.

There is no question that there is a learning curve involved with this part of our businesses, and as artists we are not taught, nor do we focus, on what financial strategy is. But we know this is the key to opening the door to financial growth.

I told Kim how much growth I saw happening for her because of the choices she has started to make, which she has so generously shared in the 14-Day Challenge group. In fact, she has shared so much of her progress that I know there is no way she is not going to see results. She said she felt that as well, but that so much was coming up around it that it was hard to see how it was going to play out. But she definitely felt that she was on the right track. I told her that to have that feeling is like striking gold, because that is when you know you have control of the process you are working on in a way that makes the most sense for you.

When we are learning something new, no matter what it is- knitting, yoga, a new creative technique we’ve never tried before- we go into a trance of becoming the student, relying on those who have had tremendous success on the way toward mastering this technique to show us what has worked for them and how they went about it. While this is happening we can’t see what we’re doing, so to speak, because we are deep in the process of doing, which in business we refer to as taking action. And within this process we need to trust that what we’re doing is actually going to give us the results we are looking for.

This is a point where it becomes too easy to lift our heads up and begin to compare ourselves to those who seem to be in a “better place”, because we begin to experience that trance of the “new student” who doesn’t know as much as we need to in order to be in the place of those we are comparing ourselves to. We need to be able to notice when we are doing that, and recognize that it is coming from a place of deliberate learning on our part, not one of unhealthy self-deprecation. That form of comparison can be one of inspiration when we acknowledge it that way.

This is also a point where we need to know, without a doubt, that the lessons we are following to teach us this new technique are ones that are pure in their intentions, and clear in their instructions. Because in this process we surrender ourselves to the lessons we have chosen, so the results we will see will be only as good as the clarity and intention of the lesson we take on.

At the end of our conversation Kim said, “I have gotten more out of working with you than you may know. Please keep on doing what you’re doing.” This to me was the greatest gift I could receive from the 14-Day Challenge- I actually sat with it for a while after we hung up- because I take great pride in presenting lessons I know are proven to work, based on what I’ve learned from those who come from a place of integrity and precise conviction for what they have accomplished.

I believe artists are hardwired to run the best businesses in the world. Help me prove my belief by taking action and sharing a theme that is integral to your art in the comments below or share a visual on Instagram using #artistsinbusiness and tag me: @alexisfedorpics!