What’s Your Burning Art Biz Question?

Alexis Fedor


The time is nearing for the launch of my new podcast, Artists In Business, and I’m very excited to share some of the incredible interviews I’ve recorded so far with artists in this community and experts in various areas of business growth, including Credit Expert Anthony Davenport, owner and founder of Regal Financial, Laurie Navarre, Artist Accountant and gallery owner MK Semos, to name a few!

Because this podcast centers around YOUR business growth, I want to hear what questions you would most like to have answered by experts in the field. So be sure to CLICK HERE to submit your question- and when you do you earn the opportunity to become a featured artist on the podcast.

In addition, I have only a few spots left for artist interviews, so be sure to GRAB YOURS HERE if you haven’t already!

I look forward to sharing your story, answering your questions and helping you grow your business with your art, your way!