The Power Of The Pause In Running A Killer Business

Alexis Fedor

Word from founder

5 minutes

So many of you are starting your businesses in a fresh, new light of empowerment and with a new set of standards that you may have never used before, but are bound to keep you on par with your chosen work. It’s such a beautiful, yet vulnerable position to be in a place of learning while taking big actions toward your goals, and I commend you and honor you for doing so. I continue to find myself in extremely vulnerable places as I take leaps to grow my work and my business in new ways, which is why I am committed to supporting you, especially in these fragile, yet powerful times.

If there is one thing I have learned in the last seven years it’s that building a business might be the best personal growth program I could have ever put myself into. There are so many self-help programs that offer incredible opportunities to experience massive shifts in growth and personal development, but there is no other program outside of my own business that has given me the space to learn firsthand what works best for what I choose to offer.

I have witnessed countless other entrepreneurs attest to the same. The personal fulfillment that comes from experimenting with your own work in your own market, the learning curve involved with making a profit and choosing an approach that is best suited to your integrity and the opportunity to transform your life in the process proves nothing short of extraordinary.

That is why it is so important to learn how to master staying in charge of your own process. Of making decisions that keep you on track with your own roadmap, and changing that map only when you decide to change it.

There are a myriad of ways to run a business, since your work determines the unique form it takes in the world. The more personal you make it and the stronger the foundation you set for it, the better chance you have of creating one that will last as long as you want it to.

That also means one thing: you are in charge! The moment you let someone else make a decision for you that goes against your own personal vision, you relinquish your position as director of your own work. And I promise you, from personal experience, there is simply no greater loss, for yourself and your business, than that.

This position of power over your own destiny requires you to step out of your own comfort zone, to learn things you never dreamed you might need to know and the courage to remain humble in your learning while strong in your vision. This requires a distinct kind of focus, as taking on a position of power can prove quite challenging.

The most valuable tool I’ve seen some of the most successful business owners use and that I have wholeheartedly adopted to stay on point with my own vision is to take a pause. When we are faced with a question, we take a pause. When people are throwing advice at us from every angle, all of it seemingly good and pertinent, we take a pause. When someone who knows more about a certain area of our businesses but not the whole picture is challenging us, we take a pause.

This pause is a brief one, barely noticeable, but just long enough to give us the chance to come back to the present moment and consult with our number one council. It rarely fails to bring clarity and keeps us on par with our purpose.

Taking a pause recently helped me refrain from investing in an area of marketing for my business. On the surface, the investment seemed like it could help with exactly what I needed, but my gut was telling me otherwise. I wasn’t sure why, but I was torn as on one hand I was feeling like it was a no-brainer to do it, but I had a feeling I should wait.

This is always a huge dilemma for me because I personally hate waiting, especially when I don’t know what exactly it is I’m waiting for (an oxymoron, I know!). I was just about ready to make the purchase before I took a long pause to consider what was holding me back.

I had made a vow to myself to invest my money into certain areas of my business for specific reasons, and this was one of those “not quite” investments. I was enticed by idea of it, but in my heart knew that was threatening to override my more concrete knowledge of what was best for me at that time.

So I did it- I waited. It felt like I was giving up the golden chalice in that period of a few moments, as if the entire opportunity were slipping through my fingers and I was going to mourn its loss for a long time.

That was when it hit me. I was being seduced by this enticing marketing opportunity, like the prince who rides through town, readily unavailable yet stunningly irresistible. Beautiful on the outside, but not at all what you need in this time and place. He’s much easier to forget once out of sight.

I became clear in that moment that I needed to wait. So wait I did, as uncomfortable as it was, watching as the handsome prince rode away. Less than a week later another marketing opportunity opened up that was the exact one I had been hoping for. It fit my needs exactly, and I knew instantly that was the one I needed. Had I tied myself to the other one I would not have been able to have a clear path to focus on this one.

Taking a pause can save you money, time and your own peace of mind. It’s a small-but-mighty action you can take almost everyday hour of the day, as the opportunity to practice making even the smallest decisions presents you with the chance to strengthen your internal compass to point you in the direction you need to go.

Take your first action now- let me know what decision you are facing in your life or business that truly deserves a pause long enough for you to ponder on a deeper level. Share yours in the comments below, and let’s empower each other to slow down enough to make better, more intuitively-informed decisions!