How Your Vision Will Transform Your Business With Your Art Once And For All

Alexis Fedor

create your future

If you’re reading this you are most likely an extremely talented artist with an incredible capacity to create the kind of work that benefits anyone who comes into contact with it. You also most likely have a desire to take your business with your art to the next level of development so you can create the life you know you’re meant to live as an artist- unencumbered by compromise and fueled with integrity and heart.

You most likely know your own Why intimately- that story unique to what you do that gets you up in the morning and motivates you to create the work you create. The same story that forms the foundation upon which your business as an artist must evolve from. It is without question the heart of your business.

In order to enable that Why to grow into the magical force you know it must, you know you need a springboard from which you can build your business in the way that feels right for you and your work. So what is the next step?

There is one step that is crucial to designing a business that is meant to last far into the future and carry you with it, regardless of your artistic discipline. In fact, it’s the one step every successful business has, hands down, without question, broadcasted on their website and listed in every document about the protocol of their company. But ironically, it’s the one step most small businesses skip over entirely, leaving them with short-term results and a less than satisfying profit return.

This step is your Vision Statement. It is the one statement that a long-term business cannot survive without and it happens to be the most fun to create.

Your Vision Statement is your personal dream for what you want to accomplish in the world with your work. When put together right, it sounds ideal, grandiose and oftentimes completely out of reach logically, except to your own heart.

When Bill Gates was starting Microsoft, his Vision Statement was to put a computer in every home in the world. That is what he wanted, in his heart of hearts. To everyone around him, that sounded completely insane. But we can all attest to the fact that he has come considerably close to fulfilling that vision today.

Now, of course, you will need a way in which to fulfill that grand Vision, which is where your Mission Statement and Business Plan come into play. But neither of those will hold water with you- or the rest of the world- for long if they do not come from that Vision you hold in your heart.

Your Vision Statement is the driving force that you need to start a business that makes sense to your personal set of values, beliefs and integrity as an artist. When you write it, you should feel completely free and as if you have the whole world in front of you, ready to, support you in exactly what you want to accomplish. Make it as simple as possible.

Declare your Vision Statement now! You already know what it is as your heart has already spoken it time and time again. So let it fly! It will allow you to form the exact plan you need to take your art to the next level of growth, on your terms, your way.