Want To Make Money Making Art? 2 Simple Tips For You To Start Earning Today

Alexis Fedor

Many artists find themselves with no financial security because they are truly afraid to deal with the money side of their businesses, which tragically, often leaves them with no business at all. But to feel afraid is totally normal! Just know that you ARE NOT ALONE and so many of us experience that exact same feeling. The good news is, there IS a way out and that you can make money making art.

You may be thinking, oh sure, there’s a way out for other people, but not me, there are no profitable ways to make money online as an artist! And to you we say, no, we actually are talking about you and there are tons of profitable ways to make money online as an artist.

2 Tips To Make Money Making Art So You’ll Thrive, Not Starve

THEM: “You can’t make money making art!”

YOU: “But momma! This is what I was BORN to do!”

It’s the oldest story: to be an artist is to forever scrimp and scrabble, being saddled with the eternal anxiety of, “Will I be able to pay my bills this month?” But it’s also an old story that’s simply NOT TRUE. It DOES NOT have to be this way.

Sure, there’s a vague romance to the starving artist trope, but when you ACTUALLY look at the details, i.e., no savings, no healthcare, no retirement plan, a carousel of part-time jobs, side hustles, no air conditioning ever (we can only afford to turn it on for 1 hour a day!), no heat (just open the door to the oven), getting on unemployment (we’ve been there!), the romance sort of goes up in smoke.

The biggest obstacle you face while trying to make money making artist FEAR.

At Artists In Business our mission is to help you confront your fear and realize that the thing that you were so scared of, in reality, was not so scary after all. Like we’ve said, there are sooooo many easy and profitable ways to make money online as an artist!

We’re here to help you gain confidence in yourself (you’re incredible!) and realize you had it in you all along. Then, the fear and mystery of the big, scary business side will melt away, and you’ll wake up and realize, “Hey! I’m a successful, full-time artist and I don’t HAVE to share a bathroom with roommates for the rest of my life!” (You deserve your own bathroom!)

In this article, we’re going to tell you about two crucial things that you must do to make money making art and gain control of your finances:

1.   Addressing Your Limiting Money Beliefs

2.   Creating Your Revenue Plan

In our Profit Canvas Program we’ll take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step through these two important processes. We’ve helped so many clients, just like you, who have been stuck in that place of fear. We’ll provide you with the knowledge, tools and help you implement a plan for you to make money making art and take your business to a five or six figure success.

But in the meantime, here are some details to give you a better understanding of these two key topics:


What are limiting money beliefs? Glad you asked! We all have them and they can be a toxic influence when it comes to your art business.

Limiting money beliefs are the amount we subconsciously feel we’re “allowed” to make based on the messages we received about money from an early age. (So many things are rooted in childhood aren’t they?) They’re pervasive, sneaky, and the reason you keep convincing yourself that there are no profitable ways to make money online as an artist.

You may not even realize it, but your parents, peers, and even teachers, intentionally or unintentionally, may have imparted to you a certain way of looking at money. (Why didn’t we have finance classes in school growing up? So weird.)

Every one of us has, what we call, an “internal temperature setting,” that keeps us feeling safe and secure with a certain amount of money that we are able to bring in. To break through that temperature, which is so ingrained in us from such an early age, takes a lot of conscious awareness and a lot of willpower, but trust us, it will be SO REWARDING.

A couple of examples of common limiting money beliefs are “I am not worthy of money” or “I am not good with money.” These beliefs become so built into our systems that we may not even realize the hold they have on us and how they can have a drastic and negative impact on our artistic and career goals. If part of your DNA is telling you you are not worthy of money, how are you supposed to appreciate it when somebody pays you for your art? This should be a moment of celebration! But unfortunately, it can trigger anxiety instead.

We’ll give you a specific, personal example. Artists In Business was founded by Alexis Fedor, an artist just like you. AND just like you, she had to confront and get over her own limiting money beliefs that were seriously holding her back on her journey to make money making art.

When Alexis made her first six figures, she was caught very off guard. With good intentions, she decided to hire a coach to help her get to the next level in her business. Sounds like a good investment right? Wrong. She ended up spending $34,000 on the wrong coach. Yikes! It was a mistake, but it taught her a valuable lesson.

Through a lot of analysis and self-exploration, she came to discover that there was a specific reason she had made this mistake and it was rooted deep down in her psyche.

She realized she had ended up spending that money because that amount, $34,000, brought her revenue back down to the EXACT SAME AMOUNT that both her parents made as school teachers combined when she was growing up. Boom! Mind blown.

There is no coincidence there. Alexis had an internal temperature set because she honestly thought in her heart of hearts she would never make more than that number as an artist in business. And when she did make it, it felt to her as if she was doing something wrong. It did not feel right. Her limiting money belief of being undeserving of more was triggered.

Limiting money beliefs is one of the greatest obstacles on the path to “make money making art”.

This is one example of the discomfort that so many artists have in their journey to making high five and six figures in their businesses. And like we said it’s sneaky, isn’t it? Because up until that point Alexis had had no idea that her own built-in limiting money beliefs were sabotaging her in her pursuit of running a successful art business.

Sometimes when you hit a high number that is out of your comfort zone, resistance kicks in and you start to think, “No, no, I need to put a stop to this.” It’s not conscious and it’s totally normal.

There is a way to handle this resistance. At Artists In Business, we’ll set a goal for what you think you need to make as a business owner based on your circumstances. When you have that number, we’ll set goals for you using our Good/Better/Best Scenario.

“Good” is the number you feel you want to make. “Best” is a high number just outside your comfort zone. “Better” is a number that’s in-between “good” and “best.” This scenario will give you permission to ease into making a little bit more than what you’re used to. And soon enough, you’ll be able to get to and feel comfortable with that “best” number. We’ve seen it happen with so many of the artists we’ve worked with.

Here’s one example of the profitable ways to make money online as an artist. It will help you take one small step toward your “best” goal.

Take action by creating and sharing ONE offer from your business. To illustrate, if you were a painter, in the signature of your email, simply put, “I have original paintings for sale, you can get them by clicking here.”

Create a link where they can get those paintings. Write an email to a friend or family member, “I have an original painting that is for sale, this is the theme of the painting, if you happen to know anyone who would resonate with that theme, perhaps you can pass it on to them.”

Clients in our Artists In Business community have made thousands of dollars by just sending that one email alone. There are so many ways to get the word out, so remember to take action and get started by sharing just that one offer that you have.

Here Are 11 Quick Examples Of Profitable Ways To Make Money Online As An Artist Right Now

We all have a charged relationship with money because it’s one of the only things that connects us all worldwide and we literally have to deal with it every single day of our lives. So just think, every day when you’re dealing with money, these limiting money beliefs may be creeping into your decision-making and preventing you from making sound financial choices. Every day. 

At Artists In Business, we will help you get over these limiting money beliefs quickly by getting to the root of what causes your particular money fear. We work from the inside out, addressing those limiting money beliefs and why we all have them as humans.

Once our students start to examine their first “money memories,” they begin to realize they have beliefs that are antiquated, which are keeping them from being in touch with their own finances, let alone looking at how much they need to make as business owners.

The good news, no, the GREAT news, is that once you start identifying and dissolving your particular limiting money beliefs you’ll start to make HUGE leaps and gains on the business side of your art.

You CAN make money making art! YOU CAN DO THIS!


A revenue plan is a financial goal you set for your business. It’s the amount of money your business needs in order to survive, thrive, and then pay you, in both the short and the long term.

If you’re reading this and thinking, AAACK! Revenue plan?!! Sure, why don’t I climb Mount Kangchenjunga while we’re at it! Don’t sweat it, as artists, we know how you feel! It’s not as hard as you think and at Artists In Business, we’ve got simple, foolproof, step-by-step strategies that will tell you exactly what to do in an easily digestible way. Trust us, climbing Mount Kangchenjunga is soooo much more difficult… Are we spelling that right?

In our Profit Canvas Program we’ll start by breaking down in the simplest way how to create a stellar revenue plan for your business that barely requires you to know how to add. There’s a limiting money belief right there! That you have to be a math genius to be good at business. Not true! We say pooh-pooh to hard math and we’ll show you how you absolutely don’t need it when it comes to your revenue plan. (Seriously the thought of algebra gives us hives)

Your revenue plan will serve as a guiding light and provide you with what you as an artist, your art, and your business need.

Okay… but how will a revenue plan help me make money making art?

A revenue plan will ensure that both you and your business are getting paid. (Give yourself permission to be successful!) It’s a blueprint that will lead to smart and profitable ways to make money online as an artist. If you’re looking at your business as just the thing that brings you money, there’s a good chance you’re simply going to keep all of that money for yourself. In that case, your business doesn’t stand much of a chance to grow. We want you to THINK BIGGER!

When you view your business as a separate entity, you’ll start to see what it needs to grow. Your goal is to feed and fuel your business so it can stand on its own, and then start to return money to you personally. Your business is like a baby, it constantly needs to be fed, paid attention to, cared for, and nurtured. And what a beautiful baby it is!

When you have money left over after paying your business and personal expenses, you know you’re on the right track. (What should we eat tonight? MONEY LEFTOVERS!)

We will work together to go through your business and personal expenses to determine exactly how much money you NEED to make money making art. And remember, in order for you to maximize your business’s potential, it’s imperative that you be thorough and honest.

As we all know, it can be tough to create consistency and predictability in selling online. That’s why having a revenue plan is so important. You need to understand your baseline and goals, so you can weather the initial ups and downs, and then use your marketing plan to start evening them out.

Your revenue plan is behind every decision you make in your business. If you make a business decision that feels drastically wrong to you, which we all do at times, 9 times out of 10 that mistake happened because you didn’t have your revenue plan in mind.

Your job is to be completely in touch with what your business needs at all times. If you want to make money making art, you must know the amount of money you need to make and make decisions to support that.

We promise this is doable, even if you don’t know anything about finance, math, or the economy.

When you have your revenue plan, you’re on the path to prosperity for yourself and your business.

When you sign up for our Profit Canvas Program we’ll break down each step, addressing your limiting money beliefs and creating your revenue plan, into bite-size pieces so you cannot possibly get overwhelmed with the process.

One of the tools we use to make things totally manageable is called “Micro-commitments,” which breaks down a project into bite-size pieces that literally require just one action step to take. For example, let’s take cleaning your kitchen. When you look at it as a whole you may put it off as it seems too hard. So what happens?

– The kitchen then gets dirtier

– You begin to get overwhelmed

– You feel paralyzed

– Then you don’t take action.

But when you attack the problem with micro-commitments:

– Take out cleaning supplies

– Fill bucket with water,

– Put dishes in the sink, etc…

The process becomes so much easier.

In summary, you don’t have to be a starving artist, we want you to be well fed! And two of the best ways to eat, make money making art, and have a successful business are to address your limiting money beliefs and create your revenue plan. Don’t sell yourself short, there are so many profitable ways to make money online as an artist!

This is what we’ve committed our lives to here at Artists In Business. It’s what we do! And it gives us unbelievable joy to help artists continue to pursue their dreams and continue to create beautiful, unique, and wonderful art for the benefit of the world! Onward and upward artists!