What’s Your Biggest Challenge As An Artistic Business Owner?

Alexis Fedor


INTERVIEW LINK: https://alexisfedor.typeform.com/to/UVUXbC

My podcast will be starting in just a few weeks, and as I’ve been interviewing artists, financial experts and influential business owners I’m getting really excited to launch and share this incredibly inspiring and practical information with you to help you grow your business and stay motivated in the process.

Since the podcast is all about raising the Financial IQ of artistic business owners so they can grow their businesses faster, interviewing the artists in my community is going to be an important section of my show. I can connect directly with you and feature your work and offers to everyone listening, which will help create a greater network of artists working toward the same goals.

That said I’d like to interview you for my show! This will enable me to both share information about your growing business and talk about what you’re struggling with the most as an artist right here and now!

So if you’re interested in claiming your interview spot, do so now by CLICKING HERE and submitting your info. I will be in touch after that to schedule your interview date and time!