To Group Or Not To Group Your Offers Together

Alexis Fedor

A section of numbered stadium seating set in rows oin the dark with one seat being singled out by a spotlight

Do you feel like you work in several different genres as an artist? Do you often wonder whether you should combine your offers in your marketing, or keep them separate- and if so, how to do so?

First, it is important to begin any marketing effort with a plan that allows you to track exactly who your ideal client is, what they need, how your offer can fill that need and a way to track your results. This is the only way you will ever know who to connect with and how to leverage that connection to bring in more valuable clients for your business.

Most artists look at this from their own perspective- they decide how they place their offers on their website and how they announce their offers via their Facebook ads or social media posts based on their personal preferences.

The problem with this approach is there is no way of knowing if you are truly reaching those who most need and want what you have to offer because they aren’t considering the most important part of their marketing equation: their ideal client.

Each offer- meaning a specific kind of art you produce, such as family portraits and headshots or animal art and abstract murals or film acting and commercial acting- can have a different ideal client. Sometimes they’re the same, but often times, like in the case of family portraits and headshot photography, they are completely different. So if you try to put them together and market them the same way, you will not see the kinds of results you had hoped for, nor will you know whom your ideal client for each offer truly is.

The best way to turn this around immediately is to begin leading your art marketing efforts with your ideal client in mind. Starting with how you position them on your website, begin to craft a message that speaks directly to the persona of those who have purchased your work in the past for that specific offer. Do the same for each offer and begin to use that language in every place you share each offer. This will enable you to begin to track the reactions you receive and figure out how to tweak your messages so they best communicate directly to those who are looking for exactly what you have to share.

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