Amja Unabashedly

London, UK

Amja creates art that embraces her journey of exploring and unpicking the themes that envelope domestic abuse while simultaneously sharing messages of love and growth.

Course taken:
  • The Profit Canvas
Most significant result:
New radio show to illuminate the power of women overcoming the ramifications of domestic abuse

Amja Unabashedly

London, UK

“I feel happy with my business. I feel like I’ve got a clearer direction. I feel way more empowered now because I have a clearer idea of the things that I need to do.”

Amja’s Story

My business was just starting and I needed more structure. I knew what my vision was and I kept writing different visions and missions down but I just needed it to be a simple sentence that was clear. I’d done an elevator pitch, but it didn’t infuse my true emotions and my feelings in there. My business needed help to better understand things financially, and with structure, just so I could have more progress and more wins.

After the Profit Canvas, I was more clear in terms of what it is I’m doing. I know what my vision and mission are, and I’m very passionate about that, as they’re both very purpose-driven, but I just had clearer steps as to how to bring the theory of it into practice into reality.

I’ve definitely seen an improvement, just the black Friday offer and the holiday offer bonus workshop that we’ve done, that for me was like levels, it helped me in so many other areas, it helped me learn how to use email series, landing pages, all of that kind of stuff, it was fantastic and it’s the tech support I got with that was really good as well.

[On a personal level] I felt more focused and organized. Doing the work with the profit canvas kind of got me more centered so I wasn’t too left brain or too right brain, it was really trying to help me stay a little bit more structured.

I love Alexis’s approach. I love her coaching style. I love the online groups that we’ve got. For me one of the things that makes it unique is the tech support… I was taught how to customize some of the things that I was doing more to my brand, which was really helpful to me.

I think it’s been absolutely amazing. I actually looked forward to every single Q&A session that we had, any bonus sessions, there were times when I had to look in the calendar and say I’m rescheduling because I’ve got a meeting with Miss Alexis! So yeah, the support has been really really good.

It’s worth it. To be honest, I actually shared that with a friend on Tuesday, somebody was going to do the course and for some reason wasn’t able to, I was like listen, it’s an investment, it’s your business, you HAVE to invest in your business, and Alexis is the one to do it with.

From Alexis

Portrait of Alexis

When I first met Amja, her enthusiasm was absolutely infectious. It wasn’t until I learned about her past with domestic violence that I understood the depths of her inner strength combined with the power of her message. Her art aims to heal women by helping them tap into their creativity. After experiencing her impact on myself and the AIB community, I know first hand the sky’s the limit for how far she will be able to go in healing women through the business of her art.

Every time Amja refines her business through the tools and strategies we use in the Profit Canvas Mentorship, she experiences the most powerful and unexpected results. It is my joy to continue to witness her growth.

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