Angela Maritz

New Zealand

Angela’s bold, uniquely original florals, animals, and landscapes stem from her desire to fill gaps on walls and in hearts with art that empowers.

Course taken:
  • The Profit Canvas
  • Optimized Artists Coaching
Most significant result:
Ideal Buyer audience clarity, multiple six-figures in revenue annually

Angela Maritz

New Zealand

“If you are determined and passionate enough to in one sense, to have a full time career as an artist, then being in a program like hers is a no brainer.”

Angela Maritz Artwork

Angela’s Story

What I’d done for the past 12 years, prior to working with Alexis, in addition to having part time jobs, was paint paintings and send them out to galleries and wait for the galleries to sell my work. I felt like I needed to be more in charge of my own art career. I felt frustrated about not having any sort of plan further than painting.

I kind of had an idea of what having a good business sense looked like, but just didn’t know what to put into place first… it was all just painting and creating art. Because [Alexis] thinks how an artist thinks, she puts that whole business plan together, that’s why I joined Artists In Business. With her help I’ve finally been able to “be in charge” of my own career.

Now continuing on as a full-time artist, 5 years after taking that first course, The Profit Canvas, I still use the initial groundwork. Importantly it also showed me what I needed to know and what I lacked when it came to what I wanted my art to stand for. That came down to me understanding my own story.

I realized that I wasn’t 100% sure of my reason for painting. I knew the feeling it gave me. I knew it was this compulsive need that I had to paint. I knew how I felt when I didn’t paint, but I didn’t know exactly why. I didn’t understand those really deep stories within myself.

I never even thought of that prior to the Profit Canvas or Optimized Artists. It’s the most essential part. To gain an understanding of the reasons why I paint first, and then learn how to build a framework around that enables me to communicate that through my work.

If you are determined and passionate enough in one sense to have a full-time career as an artist, then being in a program like hers is a no-brainer. There is nobody that’s going to come along, tap you on the shoulder, and make your dreams come true. Only you can do that for yourself.

Any long time successful artist, I don’t care who they are, they’ve done the hard yards when it comes to creating their art and their business. You do have to make it happen for yourself. [Now] I’m painting every day and putting my work out into the world, that is my dream. I feel in control of my own success.

Angela Maritz Artwork

from Alexis

Portrait of Alexis

When I met Angela, I was taken by her talent for creating such a unique and beautiful style that seemed to exude pure joy that jumped off her canvases. I was struck at the same time by how challenging it was for her to share her story in any form with her audience. Being somewhat of an introverted personality myself, I deeply connected to her challenge of moving past that hurdle in order to comfortably share her journey with her online community. But once she did, it was like the floodgates opened to a whole new experience for the growth of her business. It has been a joy for me to witness such expansive growth.

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