Dee Kirkham

Reno, NV

Dee’s masterful oil paintings in the style of the Old Dutch Masters reflect the beauty she brings to her life and the lives of her intimate art community.

Course taken:
  • The Profit Canvas
  • Optimized Artists Coaching
Most significant result:
Filled her online painting course, created a community of long-term students and collectors

Dee Kirkham

Reno, NV

“[Alexis] has been my business coach now for a little over two years. It’s been great. I don’t think I could ever go without her anymore.”

Dee’s Story

I was just drawn to Alexis. She’s a very caring, sharing, and inspiring person. She’s all of those and more. That’s how I would introduce her. You can tell when people have a passion and love for what they do. And she loves what she does, you can tell that. It’s just ingrained in her DNA and I would be surprised if she ever did anything different.

Alexis is very intuitive, she almost tells me things before I even know it myself. That’s one thing that’s really good about her. One thing that I really felt very strongly about when we were in New York with her, was that she could see things in people, good things, and she talked about them. She would say Kelly you have such a strength here, or Lauren that is where you need to put all of your energy. She would see things in us that we didn’t even see in ourselves! That was probably one of the highlights of meeting her in person.

From Alexis

Portrait of Alexis

When I first met Dee I was certain she must paint all day every day in order to have become such a master of her craft. But I learned immediately that she not only spent most of her life raising her four children but also helping her husband run their insurance business, for which she held an executive role. She would fit painting in only when she had the time. She had enrolled in the Profit Canvas Mentorship because she felt it was finally her time to build a business that was so meaningful to her and the impact she wanted to make with her art.

This is when I knew that she was going to build one of the most successful businesses I had ever seen, regardless of any challenge she may have to face with tech or the online space. And I was right. What an honor and privilege it has been to witness this kind of growth over such a short period of time for one of the most loving, caring, unstoppable women I’ve ever met.

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