Elisa Capitanio

Dublin, Ireland

Elisa creates art with the intention of eliciting balance, emotional uncomplicated colours and simple shapes. As a result, she creates peaceful and harmonious experiences, visually easy to understand all inspired by her inspiration in the intensity of the sky.

Course taken:
  • The Profit Canvas
Most significant result:
Quintupled her social media following, commissions and sales. Created a business model that elicits recurring revenue.

Elisa Capitanio

Dublin, Ireland

“After the Profit Canvas, every time I ask for something it happens, and I always finished up the last few years with the goal that I gave myself.”

Elisa’s Story

The process of learning how I can be independent through my art has completely changed and, you know, even keeping the accounts separate and keeping track of everything that comes in and comes out. I also worked a lot on my many blocks and memories in terms of why am I not getting exactly what I want from my art.

Last year the art show I did in November went really well! After that I did a super quick 24-hour black Friday sale, nothing was happening throughout the whole day, but I woke up the next morning and there was a $1,500 Euro sale in an hour and I thought this is amazing!

My attitude: that I can earn money and I can be confident about what I’m putting out, has completely changed. I’m focused. Two of my goals are to get more people to join my newsletter and more ideal buyers to follow my artwork on Instagram.

The attitude is definitely the big shift, personally, for me. When I joined there were so many things changing, including that I was changing jobs, and when you start a new job you need to focus. I was also planning to start a family!

After the Profit Canvas I know what my personal needs are, I know what my weak points are, I have no problems in terms of creativity or putting my stuff out there, it’s just asking for the sale and asking people to join the newsletter, I know those are my focal points for the next while, and I have Alexis to thank for that.

From Alexis

Portrait of Alexis

What I have been in awe of in witnessing the growth of Elisa’s business is her unstoppable consistency. She was working a full-time job when she enrolled in the Profit Canvas Mentorship with very little time to spend on her art, let alone her business growth. But she took the term “bite-size pieces” to a whole new level by taking at least one action every single day in both directions and the payoff has been outstanding. She’s one of these artists who appears to have achieved “overnight success”, when really the compounding effect of her small but powerful actions simply came to fruition and continues to do so.

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