Kelli Folsom


From struggling oil painter to six-figure business owner within nine months. Kelly is helping artists learn to paint in the style of the Old Dutch Masters as well as sell their art, online and off!

Course taken:
  • The Art Biz Jumpstart Program
  • Optimized Artists High-Level Coaching Program
Most significant result:
Multiple Six-Figures in revenue annually

Kelli Folsom


“All of the advice that gets given is to work with your galleries, check in with your galleries, but it wasn’t working. The galleries weren’t selling, and there was nothing I could do. Every month I would sit around and hope for a check to come in. I felt completely out of control.”

Kelli Folsom

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Kelli’s Story.

Kelli had been making a living selling her paintings through galleries since 2012, but her income was starting to decline. She knew she had to make a change, but she didn’t know where to start.

Kelli started tearing through every business book and podcast she could find, but none of it helped. The marketing and business principles didn’t come naturally to her and none of it seemed relevant to her art business.

Then, she came across Artists in Business and Alexis’s Webinar.

Although she connected with it instantly, she wasn’t sure she could afford the Profit Canvas Course

Then, she realized she had already invested over $100,000 on art school. If she was willing to invest so much in theory and technique, why not spend a fraction of it to learn how to get finally get paid what she deserves?

So Kelli dove in. Within a month of joining the Profit Canvas Course, she hit her revenue goal. But it didn’t stop there. Kelli doubled her income, then quadrupled it. In one month, she made over $17,000.

Through the Profit Canvas, she was able to design offers to increase sales, without dropping her prices, and use the Profit Canvas’s tools to create new products that allow her to bring in consistent revenue.

“I thought the revenue goal was humongous…but hitting that revenue goal every month and being able to do it consistently is huge”.

Now, Kelli sells her art directly, keeping 100% of the profits. She opened a new studio in Denver and continues to grow her business.

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from Alexis

Testimonial User

Kelli was the most quiet person in the Profit Canvas group. She would come to our live coaching sessions but never ask any questions. I remember the first time she did ask a question as I was so glad to see she was actually finding the course valuable! One month later, toward the end of the program, she shared in the group she had sold over $7,000.00 in art in one day! I immediately got on a call with her to find out how it happened and talked with her about how she could leverage those sales to create more consistent revenue. The next month she opened the doors for her online teaching membership, and the rest is history. She has continued to grow her business to multiple six figures, loving every minute of the time she spends with her community. It’s clear she loves them and they have helped her grow as an artist and business woman. That’s what having a business as an artist is all about- it’s about building a life.

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