The AIB Jumpstart Program

Our signature six-month group supports the growth of your business with a personalized Roadmap, curated lessons to focus on for your Roadmap outcome goals, and weekly Live Q&As with Alexis!

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Stand Out Online

Learn how your online business can stand out in an overly-saturated online marketplace.

Find Your Ideal Buyers

Learn the key principles that you can use now to find your ideal buyers.

Be Ready For Web 3.0

We will teach you how to successfully prepare your art business for for Web 3.0!


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About the Course

The AIB Jumpstart program is designed to give you a literal “jumpstart” in growing your business online in the way that is best for you, your art, and your audience, even if you don’t yet know who your audience is.

Create your personal Roadmap for your unique business model, then spend six months working through curated lessons specifically for your Roadmap, attending weekly live Q&As with Alexis to get all your questions answered, and benefit from our community of artists who are on the same path as you.

This program helps you discover your audience as well we get your art and business quickly set up online in a way that aligns with your artistic Vision.

We are in a time of an ever-changing online space that is difficult to keep up with, especially if you are trying to run a business that lasts.

Every artist needs to understand the fundamental principles for building a business online with their art, especially in the wake of Web 3.0. This is what we help support you in, every step of the way, in the AIB Jumpstart.

The AIB Jumpstart program ensures you have those fundamentals, and then some.

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