NFTs for Artists

Our first course on NFTs teaches the basic principles of what an NFT is, how online buying behavior is following this movement, and how to position your own offers online to benefit from this buying behavior. We also show you how to create your own NFT on or off the blockchain!

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Conceptualize Your NFT

Most artists don’t realize NFTs have been around for decades, and in order to create one you don’t have to be a blockchain expert, You just have to have your Signature Package.

Package Your NFT

Your NFT “package” is where the value of your NFT actually lies. The core elements of that package come directly from your Signature Story theme, which creates an opportunity for you to reach your ideal buyers.

Sell Your NFT

Selling your NFT requires the same approach whether you host your NFT on the blockchain or not. Understanding how to position your NFT is the key to making it accessible to those who need it most.


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About the course

The NFTs for Artists Masterclass was created to help you understand how to position your art business to be web 3.0-ready without having to necessarily enter the blockchain world.

What most artists don’t realize is that NFTs have actually been around for centuries- and we’ve been using them on a regular basis! (Think of the last time you bought a VIP pass to a concert and you received a code in your email for that exclusive ticket that can’t be duplicated- that’s an NFT!)

There is the option to create an NFT on the blockchain as an artist and become part of the metaverse world of crypto exchange. And this course will teach you how to do that.

However, you don’t have to enter that world to create an NFT that will enable you to position your business to create the same kind of accessibility and exclusivity that the blockchain NFT allows you to do.

You actually have a choice in the matter- and both ways will lead you to the same place: more consistent, predictable, and expansive sales. We help you reach that decision in this very unique course on NFTs.

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