Ep. 175- Why This Is The Best Time Of Year To Make Offers To Your Most Ideal Client

Alexis Fedor

Why This Is The Best Time Of Year To Make Offers To Your Most Ideal ClientSo it is the holiday season and in fact, Christmas is right around the corner, just a few weeks away. There are other holidays going on at this time of year, as well, and one of the biggest questions I have received recently is from artists thinking that they need to wait till the new year to make offers because they do not want to inundate people at this time of year. Here’s the problem and this is the topic at hand for today’s episode the Holiday’s are the perfect time to make offers to your most ideal clients.

So, first of all, during the holidays not only are people open and willing to listen more so to offers then they are any other time of year but they actually want offers to come to them that are appealing because they want to buy. They want to buy gifts. They want to buy special things for themselves. They want this time of year to be about giving and about abundance but investing in things that are meaningful to them. You have to keep that in mind because if you don’t know who your true ideal client is and you’re just sending offers out to the ethers hoping that some might stick then that could be a problem. Now artists, if this is something that you have believed then this episode is for you.