Ep. 221 – Do You Know How To Make An Offer Online Without Question Or Hyperbole?

Alexis Fedor

Is Your Brain In The Way Of You Making Money In Your Art Business?Do you know how to make an offer online without question or hyperbole?

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about how to craft an offer online.

Every artist needs to know how to craft the right kind of offer to the right people in order to start to build a business that is long-term and sustainable. Also, to begin to create offers that have consistency and predictability.

What you are looking for is offers that bring you in revenue you can count on!

LAST WEEK you had a chance to share your Why Theme question via social media as a test to see what reactions you may receive from your audience!

THIS WEEK I share a challenge with you based on this exercise.

During my workshop, “How To Make Your First $1K Selling Your Art Online”, we look at how to expand make an offer online without questions or hyperbole!

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