“Christmas in July” Holiday Planning Workshop

Alexis Fedor

The AIB “Christmas in July” Holiday Planning Workshop is here! (Link to reserve your spot!)

Alexis Fedor is going to be teaching the first AIB “Christmas in July” Holiday Planning Workshop this coming Thursday, July 28th, and here in Artists and Business can’t wait for you to reserve your spot!

In short, here’s what Alexis is going to cover:

How to serve your audience and make a positive impact on your Ideal Buyers with your art during the most volatile, chaotic, lucrative time of the year by:

There is so much opportunity during the months of November and December to not only sell the most art you may sell all year but to make a positive impact on the lives of those you are meant to serve the most.

This holiday workshop is one you can’t afford to miss, as it will not only help you get set up for the holidays but help implement the kind of planning habit into your business practice that will turn your entire business into a pre-planned, well-oiled machine- one that you LOVE to work ON throughout the year!

This is truly one of the most valuable and FUN workshops that Alexis ever taught, not only because of the value that lies in it for the artists who take it but because of the changes it creates in the lives of the artists who put it into practice.

In its simplicity, this is one of the most powerful, underestimated workshops you can take for yourself and your business.

And it’s FREE! 

Alexis Fedor is only holding this workshop ONCE this summer, so now is the time to put it in your calendar!

Join Alexis Fedor in this one-time-only workshop!

CLICK HERE to hold your spot!

See you there!!

Alexis Fedor with Xmas hat